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Hi everybody ☺
I had the pleasure (Magnus)of visiting our next stop in our yearly mountain trip, Tignes, which actually some of us already have seen, as we skied a bit last year – Marken, no you
haven't seen it…
As a good Viking I just had to check out the resort for the rest of the team so you know
what you are expecting. The Chalet, I did not find it before 5 minutes before we left the
place, nobody have heard about it (As it is new), but it look very nice from the outside.
Tip to team Norway when you can not find the way home : Ask for Club Med, they are
the next door hotel.
Skiing – yes it is possible, but a bit dangerous, for the body and equipment, if there is
not too much snow, many hard rock to fall on. So to all the English guys : Keep yourself
into the blue and green slopes ☺ - Or even better stay at the lunch place and sing with
the Vikings…
As the picture show there is a lot of off-piste possibilities if you don’t mind working a ½ to
1 hour and have equipment and are a skilled skier – Again to the English guys – no offpiste
for you….
Now to the more important information. I will not refer to any map as Team Norway can
not accept any maps (Or need one).

There is some, not a lot but the FM Radio (something like that) is a lively place with a
nice terrace to take sun after a good lunch in the mountain. Toilet standard is ok, but
toilet paper is not to soft….Location – A bit down to the right after the Chalet.
Crowdy something – live band playing for after ski, many English guys hanging around
there : Location – a bit down to the right after the Chalet. Potential Monday club.
Grizley bear (Something like that) – fantastic particular but very expensive. Location :
Betwheen the two others… Toilet paper : Good quality, but small toilet. Very expensive
Lunch places
The best is maybe above the chalet on the left side of the valley, as this make it easy to
go from lunch straight to after ski without any big risk of too much skiing. One at the top
of Troviere, the mountain between Tignes and Val Disere, but this could be a bit cold if it
is windy….Toilet standard ok – only 40 cent!!
Not too much, and extremely many teenagers!!!!! Hopefully this will change a bit in
March… The chalet host from last year – he is still in Val Disere – meet him in the ski
bus, and we are invited to the Saloon one of the evenings, were he still work after his
chalet duties.
Taxi’s – yepp there are, but extremely difficult to find when you need one. Best advice to
Team Norway – Find a fixed driver for the week we could call when its needed.
Then – you should all be prepared for March….. See you all in Tignes!



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